Back in the Saddle

I’ve been neglecting this site for far too long, mostly because with all that’s going on in the rest of my life I have not had the time or energy to compile a report on the Township Council meetings. So I’ve been attending all along, and feeling a bit guilty about not sharing what I hear. Some of it is downright interesting: improvements to the Meadow Park ball field, a proposal for new development related to the Aspinwall Riverfront Park, the ongoing saga of the new community center, successful restarting of a bus route into RIDC Park. Some is not so interesting, and sometimes I’m a bit annoyed at some of the discussions.

But you should have a chance to hear it all, and I’ll wager that most of you aren’t spending much time pursuing the minutes published a month or more after each meeting. So last meeting, I tried a little experiment: I sat and “tweeted” a play by play of the meeting @InformedOhara. It’s pretty clear that some of you saw that, so I’m going to continue those reports. Tune in tonight for the latest updates.  I expect to be engendering a bit of discussion during the “Citizens Concerns on Non Agenda Items” so the first tweets may delayed,  but stay tuned. Or join your fellow citizens in person at 7 and experience a meeting live.  I’ve also added the Twitter feed to this page, so you can always check back here at your convenience.

Hope this helps all of you to be more informed about the place you live and how it governs itself. Trust me, it’s never boring…


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Internet consultant, musician, wife, mother, candidate for Township Council. Encouraging residents to pay attention to what's happening in their backyards.