Township Council Regular Meeting and Workshop, Tues 4/12/11 @ 7pm

The agenda is now available for the upcoming Council meeting and workshop. Of particular interest:

  • During the regular meeting the Council will approve minutes for last month’s meetings. When the minutes are posted on the Township web site I’ll write about them here.  It usually takes only a month for the Township to let residents know what transpired at a meeting.  But it’s always better if you can be there to observe the discussion for yourself.
  • Here’s a big one:  during the workshop session there will be a discussion of the timetable for adopting and approving the Township’s “Long Term Comprehensive Plan.” I’m sure we’ll all be interested to hear about this.  From the way the item is listed it sounds like there’s already a recommended plan, but as far as I know it is not yet available to residents and maybe not even to the Township Council.  So come on out and let’s see if having enough of us turn up for such a discussion encourages council members and staff to share what they know with those of us who vote and pay taxes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.  I’ll have yard signs in my car, so if you’d like one, be sure to ask me.  I’ve been encouraged by the number of people who have already seen one of the few that are out and contacted me directly.  It’s a good start, but more would be better.


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Internet consultant, musician, wife, mother, candidate for Township Council. Encouraging residents to pay attention to what's happening in their backyards.